We believe in fostering a partnership with our clients. In all aspects of our business, we want to see our clients prosper – longevity for our clients’ wealth and our business is key to this approach.


Our merchant banking arm focuses on transactions that are built on an intimate relationship with company management. We focus on the integrity of a company above all else and our capital raising transactions involve a long lead time as Prosdocimi ensures the merits of the issuer.


We seek out creative investment opportunities which offer multiples of upside versus limited downside risks. Our philosophy centres on quality not quantity and the timing of transactions. We align our interests with our clients’ by co-investing in our transactions and typically forego asset gathering fees in return for equity on the same terms as our investors.


In our brokerage operation, investment and trading ideas are drawn from a variety of sources. Top-down macro themes, bottom-up stock selection, value investing and event-driven catalysts are some of the drivers to our investment and trading approach. A close, professional relationship with our brokers means that our clients freely discuss their ideas with the tacit knowledge of a high level of confidentiality. Order execution services are provided by market traders who specialise in efficient and effective order management using the latest low-latency technology.